The days are short, the air is cold, and the mood is serious. A far cry from the bubbly enthusiasm of what follows after ushering a new year but with Inauguration comes with it a focused and new energy as we turn the page on Trump. A new day in American brings hope and newfound pride with Biden and Harris. The optimism is high but there is also a lot of work to be done at here in Washington, D.C. Let’s not forget, we’re still dealing with an array of issues such as a global pandemic and dying small businesses.

Right now is the time to get to work as a community and to get The District and America thriving again as we welcome in new beginnings. It’s a month with a lot to do and we recommended some productive cannabis strains and focused highs. Here are some that is recommended by our staff:

Exotic Blooms Staff Recommendations

1. Animal Mintz – The Almighty – This energizing sativa delivers a focused high that pairs well with anyone having a long to-do list. With an approximate 32% THC level, this potent flower will help you power through the toughest items on your to-do list.

2. Jack Herer – World Renowned  – Thanks to this psychoactive strain, the effects of Jack Herer are euphoric, uplifting while igniting the flames of creativity and happiness. Jack Herer is the go-to strain for us Washingtonians to bring an instant smile to everyones’ faces  and relieves any stress that builds up.

3. Green Dream – Budget Friendly – Green Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid that relies on some powerful genetics to reach impressive new heights of euphoria and healing. Its lucidity and focus can be an asset to those with attention deficit disorders, helping Washington DC residents to concentrate on single tasks at hand.

4. Stiiizy 1g Sativa Pod – People who work in DC demand excellence in every arena, and getting high is no exception. With more predictability, control and potency than other brands, Stiiizy is the industry standard when it comes to vaping THC complete with an ultra-sleek and discrete battery. It is perfect for the fastidious go-getter among us.

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